2017-2018 Tryout Information

Information meeting will be held on Tuesday Sept. 12th at 8:00 pm in Thames Hall Room 4185 – Tower Room. Both experienced as well as inexperienced potential team members are welcome to attend. Team practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-10:30 pm pm and Saturday morning from 9:00-11:00 am. As well, off-campus training and individual lessons are available at the Mustang Sword Club available in the evenings. Tournaments and training clinics are held on weekends.

Mustangs claim first OUA Women's Fencing Championship title since 1992-93


Women's Epee Team Event
Bronze: Western
Silver: RMC
Gold: Carleton
OUA All-Star: Emese Dukai-Branscombe, Carleton

Women's Sabre Team Event
Bronze: Queen's
Silver: McMaster
Gold: Western
OUA All-Star: Kathryn Orydzuk, Western

Women's Foil Team Event
Bronze: Western
Silver: Toronto
Gold: RMC
OUA All-Star: Vivian Poon, Western


Women's Epee Individual Event
Bronze: Roxanna Belaoussoff, Western
Silver: Cecily McDonnell, RMC
Gold (Dr. Al English Trophy recipient): Isabelle Gauthier, Ottawa

Women's Sabre Individual Event
Bronze: Victoria Edwards, Western
Silver: Rebecca Jeffrey, Toronto
Gold (Fred Wach Trophy recipient): Lily Jiang, Queen's

Women's Foil Individual Event
Bronze: Sharon Schuppe, Carleton
Silver: Jessie Pollett, Queen's
Gold (Maitre Ken Wood Trophy recipient): Marcena Lau, Ryerson

Western - 259
RMC - 256
Queen's - 233
Toronto - 190
Carleton - 131
McMaster - 128
Ryerson - 118
Ottawa - 100
York - 37
Brock - 30
Trent - 15
Guelph - 0

Queen's - 113
Western -  87
RMC - 83
Ottawa - 75
Toronto - 69
Ryerson - 53
Carleton - 39
McMaster - 27
York - 12
Brock - 0
Guelph - 0
Trent - 0